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A Mutation form is a document that shows the subdivision of land has been done from the original parcel of land.

It is used to measure land subdivisions and amalgamations and it’s always issued in triplicate by a licensed surveyor. The process of mutation makes sure that the new owner acquires the title of the property registered in their name.

 It is also important to understand that a mutation needs to be carried out in all cases of property transfer such as sale or purchase of property, gifting, death of property owner and even a purchase made through Power Of Attorney (PoA) .

Contents of a mutation form

  • The number of plots.
  • Title number.
  • Plot size in ha.

Importance of a mutation

  • A Mutation represents evidence of transfer of property.
  • A Mutation also checks for any illegalities or fraud taking place.
  • A Mutation becomes essential for deciding the tax liability when the property owner is changed.

Mutation process

  • First start by submitting an application at the local civic body or revenue office.  The owner’s particulars need to be stated in the application form.
  • Payment of fees is then done through Demand drafts. Note that the fee varies from place to place.
  • After the payment of the fee, the required documents along with the application form and demand draft should be attached. Other documents are:

Copy of sale deed.

Indemnity bond and an affidavit

Current property tax receipt

Death certificate in case of inheritance or will

Copy of will in case of inheritance

  • The revenue inspector or assessing officer will verify the documents. The officer may also inspect the property and will then process the application.  After the application has been processed, a mutation certificate is later issued.

In conclusion, for one to get started on the mutation process. it is important to note the below:

Always consult a professional surveyor who will conduct all the necessary measurements on the land and apply the same measurements on the mutation form.

The professional surveyor will then present the details to the District Surveyor’s Office for registration.

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